Three Years: Our Love Story

Hard to believe that something that started as an online relationship turned into something that would change my life, and make me a better woman! I'm thankful for each day, each moment I have with this man! I'll tell the story, starting with 'once upon a time'. Mark was searching for love online, and he [...]


Healed by Fire

This Sunday, I was going to wake up, shower, and continue unpacking, but a still small voice within me told me the night before to go to church. I decided to listen, and set my alarm. From that point forward, I decided to keep saying yes to that voice, as I knew it was God. [...]

Back to My First Love

All those times I thought God had abandoned me, my back was turned to Him, and not the other way around. I turned around, and found Him waiting with His arms wide open. When I came home running, many cool experiences started happening, like chance encounters with customers with a word of advice and/or encouragement, [...]

God’s Mysterious Ways (warning: long)

It definitely feels different waking up in the morning with the sun on my face. I love our new condo! I can't believe my husband took a whole week to convince me that this was to be our home. In four short months, we are celebrating our third wedding anniversary, and how far we have [...]

Letting Go: Resistance to Change

When it comes to blogging, I should really keep the momentum going, so please be patient with me as I start getting into the habit of writing more often. There's just a lot going on right now. Husband and I are officially moving to our new condo tomorrow. We won't have internet until the 25th [...]


I'll start with a definition I found while browsing the web. This is the first thing I saw during a Google search of the word, and it resonated with me:  Mystic- a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in [...]

So Many Firsts!

With my dear husband, I'm having so many 'firsts' in my life. The first one is that I'm the first woman he ever truly loved. He's my first marriage, my first time living with a romantic partner (I lived with my parents or in a college dorm room up until my wedding day. I guess [...]